design approach

We work on the premise that every project is unique. we take the time to understand a client’s individual needs, rather than trying to dictate a one-size-fits-all approach that rarely works.

We always go into a working relationship with an open mind, ready to accommodate the client’s wishes while throwing our own ideas into the pot.

We like to get to know the businesses and people we’re working with in order to get the right results the first time.

Where possible, we like to work with clients on more than one project and so taking that extra time to talk really pays off for both of us.

Over the years, we’ve found that this is the most effective way to work.

Setting the Brief

This is an important stage, which consists of discussions between ourselves and the client. It is vital that the brief is in line with the agreed goals of the project, as well as maximising the assigned budget. At this stage we are able to agree deadlines and schedule of work.

Mood Board & Competitor Analysis

Everybody contributes in the creation of a mood board, which starts to outline likes and dislikes, as well as market preferences. The competitor analysis ensures we all fully understand the market sector and the position we will place the product / service within it.

Design & Development

The design stage is exciting as we present & develop ideas, revise concepts and make adjustments in line with the agreed deadlines and schedule of work. Also at this stage we test all functionality of concepts and mediums. i.e website pages.

Sign Off & Delivery

Finally when the designs are agreed, and the functionality tested we can deliver all designs in an organised final project package. The designs are ready and will always be judged on their effectiveness (ROI), with the success of the designs will ensure we work together on further projects.